Conversion LP – The Dream Pillow

Where Big
Dreams Start!

Dream Pillow uses the power of imagination right before bed to help lull your children off to the land of nod in four easy steps:

Step 1:

Think It Up!

Take a moment to read through the Dream Pillow bedtime story to inspire young minds to think up their own tales for slumber.

Step 2:

Write It Down!

Using the included Dream Notepad, your child will be able to jot down their dream story to help clear their minds, relax, and prepare for restful sleep.

Step 3:

Get Tucked In!

Once your little one has completed their story, gently tear the sheet off, place it gently inside their Dreamimal so it will come true, and snuggle into bed.

Step 4:

Enjoy Sweet Dreams!

Using this proven technique, your child will learn the valuable skill of using the power of thought to guide themselves to sleep -- better sleep means better growth, healthier bodies, and increased learning!

Each of our Dreamimals comes with a unique story and it’s own personality

Each of our Dreamimals comes with a unique story and it’s own personality. Sharkie likes dreaming about adventure! Pinky loves dreams that are fun and silly! Lamby likes soft and cuddly dreams! Collect all of them today -- so your kids can start dreaming better dreams. Shop now.

The Dream Pillow™ Patent Pending 2018
Dreamamils Patent Pending 2019

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