Pinkie - Keychain – The Dream Pillow
Pinkie - Keychain
Pinkie - Keychain
Pinkie - Keychain
Pinkie - Keychain

Pinkie - Keychain

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Hi, I am Pinkie!  the silliest of the Dreamimals™. I love fun dreams & I encourage expressiveness.

Dreamimals™ Pinkie Keychain

  • Dreamimals™ Pinkie, stuffed plush made from All Natural 100% Cotton


"From the adorable packaging to the storybook that shows you what to do, this concept is brilliant. It helps with bad dreams, but it’s also created a nightly ritual where I get to read with my little girl and then watch her imagination at work. The BEST thing is she actually wants to go to sleep."

- Katrina, Beyond Proper

"My girls still wake us up because they had a bad dream. I’ve been trying to find something that would help them to worry less when they went to sleep."

- Heather, The Super Mom Life Blog

"My kids love their Dream Pillows! Lots of good dreams being written at bedtime."

- Heather, Local Mom Scoop

"The Dream Pillow is great to share with my son Evan as he gets older to share his dreams"

- Lauren Gores Ireland, You and Lu