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How much sleep do my kids really need?

At Dream Pillow, we always want to provide education and help parents along their journey. One of the most common questions that we get asked is how many hours of sleep do our children really need? Of course the answer varies by age, but the answer starts with knowing just how important a solid night of sleep for toddlers, kids, and teens really is.

Younger children and adolescents require significantly more sleep than adults to support the extremely fast pace at which they are growing and learning to process new information.

When your kids (or yes, you too!) sleep, their bodies are doing some incredible regenerating. Science tells us that we cycle through 5 stages of sleep per night, and during that time our muscles relax, tissue is repaired, our energy levels are restored, and reparative hormones are released.

If you’re constantly asking yourself if your kids are getting enough, check out the chart below provided by the Sleep Foundation for more information.


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