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Banish the Bogeyman, and other Scary Monsters!

Did you know that the origins of the Bogeyman date all the way back to the 1800’s? Originating from the English word “bogge” meaning hobgoblin, almost every culture throughout the world has a tall tale of a scary monster that haunts small children. Some cultures even used these scary stories as a way to get children to behave...imagine that!

Aside from countless other roles, moms and dads tend to become the #1 protector and fear-fighter for kids against the bogeyman, monsters under the bed, and various other scaries that go bump in the night. Of course, despite attempts to reassure our kids that these frightful products of their imaginations aren't real, sometimes we need additional tactics to help them overcome their fears to get a solid night of rest.

Here are a couple quick tips to get rid of the Bogeyman for good:

Make a Monster Spray! Use a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of calming essential oils like lavender or cedarwood. Let your kids know that with a few sprays of your potent Monster Mix, monsters won’t be able to enter their bedroom. And bonus, those soothing essential oils will help your child relax before bedtime.

Secure Monster Hideouts. Close all closet and bathrooms doors where monsters could be lurking (this is good feng shui too!) , and do one thorough sweep under the bed. Showing your child that the spaces are free and clear of any monsters will go a long way to ensure a great night of rest.

ID the Security. Help kids choose the best qualified stuffed animal to serve as security and station them prominently at the foot of the bed. Security items like plush toys and blankets help children relax, and create a safe space in their bedroom.

At Dream Pillow, we’re all about taking the drama out of bedtime and we love the idea of introducing creative play to make bedtime something to look forward to. Do you have a great tip to banish bedtime monsters? We’d love to hear all about it!

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