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How to Use Your Dream Pillow

The Dream Pillow is a new bedtime accessory that helps kids dream good dreams. Here’s a quick guide on how to use your Dream Pillow and enjoy a peaceful night of sleep and good dreams!

Start by snuggling up with The Dream Pillow Storybook to learn all about a little girl that didn’t dream nice dreams, but learned that she was, in fact, in charge of her dreams! When she started to imagine all the wonderful things she could dream about, her dreams changed from scary to tons of fun!

Think about what you’d like to dream about, and let your imagination run wild! If you’re running into “Dreamer’s Block,” check out our Dream Generator to help get your creativity flowing! You can dream about ANYTHING! A unicorn, with a mohawk on a cruise ship? Yes! A teddy bear driving a racecar in a school bus? You bet! There are no limits to what you can dream about.

Write it down & dream it up! Use one of your Dream Pillow notecards to write or draw about your dream. You can use more than one notecard if you need to! When you’re finished, place your notecard inside your Dream Pillow.

Cuddle up with your Dream Pillow and settle in to sleep. Your Dream Pillow is designed to be a soft, cuddly pillow or stuffed animal. Rest your head on your Dream Pillow and wait for your good dreams to take shape.

Wake up refreshed and share your dreams! The Dream Pillow teaches us that we are in fact in charge of our dreams. When you can create your dreams, what can you dream up next?

Repeat night after night. Dreaming good dreams takes time. If your bad dreams persist, don’t give up. The more you practice positive thinking, the better your dreams will be!

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